Our firm is focused on providing professional solutions to the entrepreneurial problematic of the Industrial and service SMEs.
Composed of an interdisciplinary staff highly qualified, in whom experience solidness is attached and the dynamic needs to be able to respond to the different kind of demands each time more complex.

• Because we know about SMEs.

• We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals.

• We have more than 25 provable years
of career path.

• Our net of agreements and services is
of high quality and prestige.

• We deal with complex problematic
from beginning to end.

• Because all our customers are like
your company.

• Because we have already been there. Because we know about SMEs.

Vexina provides Services (through its permanent staff) of specialized Consultancy to companies, with the aim of approaching services of excellence which allows the improvement of productivity.

Vexina provides agreements and services through companies and Organizations of first line.

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